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Yarn Compositions Workable Numbers Quality Structures and Weaves Processes
%100 Cotton Yarn Counts Broken Twill Bleaching
%100 Organic Cottons 4NE 60NE (Upto 4PLY) Canvas Reactive Dying
Cotton/Polyester Weight Cavalry Sulphur Dying
Cotton/Polyamide (Nylon) 120 Gr/mt2 between 470 Gr/mt2 Cord Pigment Dying
Cotton/Linen Width Dobby Sueding
Cotton/Viscose 180 Gr/mt2 (Rigit) Drill Brushing
Cotton/Linen 160 Gr/mt2 (with Elastan) Herringbone Lisa Finish
Cotton/Bamboo   Ottoman Water Repellency
Cotton Core-spun   Oxford Easy Care
(Lycra/Elastan)    Pique Waxing
    Poplin Polyurethane Coating
    Ribs Color Coating
    Ribstop Acrylic Coating
    Sateen Reactive Printing
    Twill Pigment Printing
* Delivery Date 2 weeks - 6 weeks
* Production Capacity 200.000mt / Month
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